5 Best Games Of 2007 We Never Forgot

How many games have you played until now? Maybe a hundred titles or even more. Well, do you remember playing it? It could be, it turns out that these games have been released for a long time, maybe 2007 ago.

Below are 10 games from 2007 that were at their heyday and have not been forgotten until now.

1. Batman

Batman caught the Joker and took him to the Asylum Arkham prison

Just yesterday Batman caught the Joker and took him to the Asylum Arkham prison. Uh, it turned out that it happened 10 years ago. This game is the opening series of the now global Batman Arkham franchise. Unfortunately, there isn’t much Batman can do in this game. Likewise with maps that are still in prison.

Although there are still many limitations, Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of the best games from the 2009 release and it remains a recommended game for playing today. The game’s developers and publishers have also released a remastered version for the next gen consoles. So, please play back now.

2. Call Of Duty 4

Call Of Duty 4

When it was launched in 2007, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the FPS game that took place in the First World War 2 that we played and have survived until now.

Campaign mode still presents some of the most memorable moments. If you still remember the initial scene which shows a coup in a Middle Eastern country that ends with an execution which marks the beginning of the game conflict.

Modern warfare has also penetrated into the multiplayer world, where game developers introduced the “Creamp a class” mechanics that are now standard in multiplayer FPS games.

3. Bioshock


Bioshock was developed by a developer called Game Irrational, who was previously known to have created the classic action RPG, Shock System 2.

Irrational game which is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games developed Bioshock which was released in August 2007.

Bioshock is an FPS game with RPG and stealth elements, similar to the shock system 2. In this game you will act as Jack, where you will collect various types of weapons and the ability to use a serum called a plasmid.

4. Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

A co-op themed Valve game, left 4 spreads horror. Players must be able to survive through level obstacles while facing a variety of creepy zombies. As a horror game left 4 die is one of the interesting FPS games played with friends.

You may remember how terrible the witch was to the enormous tankers in this game. Teamwork in solving puzzles and holding onto the incoming waves of zombies so that the BSIA key clears the obstacles.

5. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

The Far Cry series has generated a lot of controversy because the story in it is decorated with a very thick political narrative. One of the best games, Far Cry 3 is a classic FPS game that can be said to be a masterpiece.

In this game, it will be adventurous deep in an archipelago facing power conflicts. Because of the FPS point of view, telling until the character’s experience feels very close to the player. Especially when fighting hordes of enemies in endless sneaking missions.

That’s the 2007 game that is hard to forget until now. Even now, there are still many who play it.

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