5 best pc games to download for free in 2021

Genshin Impact

5 best pc games to download for free in 2021– What are the best pc games to download for free in 2021? We have selected ten titles ranging from the best known and most popular to others to discover to be pleasantly surprised, without having to spend a cent. We will specify when the titles are eventually free to play. free to download but with some optional extras or paid content.

1. Fortnite


Not too many introductions are needed for Fortnite, the title of Epic Games’ records that can be downloaded for free on Windows or Mac – it is a free to play – and also played by computer in its various modes with naturally the highlight of the battle royale in the foreground. . The alternatives to Fortnite are all worthy of mention, they can be downloaded and played as free to play and are Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone and Pubg.

2. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

There is time until March 18 to download one of the most interesting titles of recent weeks for free on Windows and Mac: Surviving Mars, a science fiction city builder inspired by the colonization of Mars and survival on the soil of the red planet.

3. Cloud Climber

Cloud Climber

For those looking for a free game to download and finish in the time of a coffee break (10-15 minutes), then we can only recommend the intriguing Cloud Climber. In a land of the future, humanity has survived by building tall towers to reach the clouds where all the water has evaporated. Climbing and exploring the towers you will discover the stories that tell what happened.

4. The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod

As the name suggests, The Dark Mod is an admirable tribute to the glorious Thief series with a game that includes a massive collection of user-tuned levels. This free and open source first-person stealth video game on Windows and Linux guarantees hours of fun with some special campaigns. Speaking of nostalgia, the first chapter of the beloved StarCraft is also free online.

5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

One of the most successful games of 2020, Genshin Impact has been associated with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for dynamics, graphics and spirit and in fact shares the nature of an action role-playing video game with an open world to explore. This free to play developed by miHoYo is set in the world of Teyvat with its seven different nations each ruled by an Archon linked to an element and an ideal, for example Mondstadt is inspired by Germany while Liyue is inspired by China. It is downloaded for Windows from the official site. Alternatively, another action rpg with a dark fantasy setting this time is Path of Exile.

6. Loco Motive

Loco Motive Game

For lovers of point and click style LucasArts, then Loco Motive is a free game to download immediately on Windows, Mac or Linux. The aim of this humorous pixel art adventure is to discover the killer aboard a train. An excellent alternative is Beneath a Steel Sky

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