7 Medieval Games

What’s on your mind when you hear about medieval times? In European history, medieval times started from the 5th century to the end of the 15th century. There are many events that occurred in the Middle Ages, such as the Crusades, the plague of Justinian in the 6th century, the black death in the 14th century and others.

Many games are made in medieval settings. In general it has a storyline related to wars and kingdoms. Come on download and play.

7 Medieval Games

1. March of Empires

March of Empires

As the leader of a kingdom, deploy your troops, build buildings, conquer the area, and face clashes with enemies. Remember, there is only one king who controls the throne. Do you have the strengths and strategies to unify the area? Or is it losing and watching your empire crumble?

Not only fighting, improving facilities such as mines and agriculture. Don’t forget to build barracks to train troops and increase military strength. Once everything is ready, fight other players by attacking their city.

2. Rival Knights

Rival Knights

Prepare your horse, your spear hand, and feel the thrilling experience of fighting against rivals! Can you regain your glory or even fall into the abyss of destruction?

Horse riding and spear handling skills are the key to victory. You need to be able to race your horses and manage their speed properly, before aiming your spear at the enemy. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapon, armor and horse for better results.

Rival Knights is a game created by Gameloft, one of the world’s leading video game developers.

3. Kingdom Medieval

Kingdom Medieval

Looking for medieval games with third person shooters? Medieval Kingdom is the answer! Our mission is to conquer enemy castles and create their own empire.

Quite challenging because we have to fight close range with many enemies at once. Including, against Vikings, Knights, Barbars and other powerful warriors. Equip the character with weapons, such as swords and armor so that it is possible to win bigger.

4. Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings

On land that is always volatile, war is raging everywhere. People become victims and suffer pain. At a crucial moment, a group of very talented people came. Will they become heroes and save the situation?

In this online game, you can gather your friends to form alliances and conquer the war. Build your empire, train troops, lead them and crush your enemies.

5. Lords & Knights

Lords & Knights

The mission in Lords & Knights is only one: conquer the Kingdom and make the enemy vibrate in front of us. Initially, we only controlled one castle. But over time, we can expand the territory to other kingdoms with the right strategy.

To make it happen, recruit lots of knights and soldiers, then lead them in battle with the right strategy and tactics. The humble starting castle had to be upgraded to a strong fortress.

Find or join other alliances for joint conquest. Send troops, seize enemy resources, attack fortresses and conquer castles.

6. Iron Blade

Iron Blade

In addition to the knights and battles of emperor competitors, Gameloft also released another medieval game, namely Blade Blade Blade. Here you play as Damian, The Templar Knight is betrayed by a corrupt order master.

Take the sword and fight Esquin’s powers and seek their revenge, Jacques de Molay and his fallen brothers. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and shields so that we are willing to face the struggle.

7. Knights Fight: Medieval Arena

knights fight medieval arena

And the last one is the Knights battle: Medieval Arena. Here you act as a knight. Put on armor, take a sharp sword, and start fighting. There are several weapons to choose from, such as swords, hammers, and sharp warps.

It’s a really fun medieval game for you to play so you can entertain in an empty time

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