Top 5 Adventure PC Games 2021

Adventure PC Games. Adventure theme games are always the main focus in every video game genre like survival, open world, RPG, action and more. Playing this type of game is certainly very fun and not boring. In this game, players are asked to complete various missions while exploring the fantasy world in the game.

For gamers, it seems very spoiled with various video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox that provide adventure games. Even so, the developers have converted some of these games to be played on the PC platform.

Top 5 Adventure PC Games 2021

1. The Walking Dead: The Final Season


The flow of gaming takes place several years after the events in the previous series, namely The Walking Dead: The New Frontier. For this game itself, players will control a girl named Clementine. He is asked to raise a young man named Alvin Jr. while surviving the zombie outbreak that is ravaging the entire world.

Clementine then joined a group of teenagers living in a boarding school. However, he and his new friends must face the marauding Horde led by someone from his past.

The Walking Dead: Last season is an episodic adventure game that has four episodes in the game. This game is the final installment of The Walking Dead series based on the comic book Robert Kirkman.

2. SEKIRO Shadows Die Twice


Twice Dead Shadow is an action-adventure game played with a third perspective. The game takes place in the Sengoku period in Japan. It is told that the Shinobi, known as the Wolf, tried to take revenge on the Samurai clan who attacked him and kidnapped his teacher, Ukonzaemon Usui.

The gameplay of this game focuses on stealth, exploration and combat between Samurai and Ninja. Although the setting in which the game takes place is in the area of fiction, several areas.

3. A Plague Tale Innocence

A Plague Tale Innocence

Armed in 1348, Amicia de Rune was a girl of noble descent whose village was in a period of 100 years of war with British troops. At that time, an outbreak of a disease carried by rats invaded the French Empire. He then tries to help his sister named Hugo for a mysterious illness.

Here, the players control the Amicia de Rune from a third-person perspective. In this game, players must use stealth to avoid enemies so they are not killed instantly. The character you play is equipped with a Umban / Sling that can throw stones to attack your opponent.

In this game there is also a series of tricky puzzles to survive. In addition, players can divert the hordes of hungry mice to aim so they can attack.

4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

This game uses the skill tree feature where the characters you play can open locks to get new powers. This feature has three skills that can be accessed, such as a hunter that focuses on long-range attacks, a strong warrior who focuses on weapon-based combat, and an assassin that focuses on stealth skills, killing enemies secretly.

5. God Of War

God Of War

Gamers are certainly no stranger to God of War Game. The Hack and Slash Action Adventure game set in Greek mythology is one of the most awaited favorite games in the new series. Kratos who acts as the main character actually manages to bring gamers to “help” him to become the god of war.

Maybe some of you gamers are wondering why the God Class game is only released exclusively for consoles. Although some time ago Sony has released a streaming service called PlayStation now that allows PC gamers to play PS3 console games on PC, it is considered insufficient to attract gamers considering that the internet connection required for streaming games is not easy.

Those were the 5 adventure pc games that are currently in the top order for you to play

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