Top 7 new games of may 2021

In May 2021 there will be many new titles that you can look forward to. Well the author would like to invite you to find out what games to wait for in May 2021.

Considering as a game lover, of course we have to know the new titles that will be coming out soon so that your pockets are not wasted.

So what’s the list of cool May 2021 games and are you waiting? Let’s take a look at the list below.

1. Myitopia


Another exclusive game that will be releasing soon for the Nintendo Switch, namely Mitopia. In this game, players will be invited to experience adventures using MII characters in a very interesting fantasy world.

2. Biomutant


Biomutan is an RPG game developed by Experiment 101. The game itself will connect a familiar open world formula while providing the opportunity to plan to be able to carry out the full cost of the main protagonist.

It’s great fun, players can choose the type of mutation, body parts that use bio-mechanics and different teeth.

3. Hood: Outlaws and Legends


In the State of Play event, Sony has also shared several games that will be released for the PS5, one of which is Villain & Legends Hood. This game has the PVPVE (Player versus Player versus Environment) genre which will be released in May 2021.

4. Famicom Detective Club

Famicom Detective Club

In February 2021, Nintendo announced that they would soon be releasing a remake of two Famicom Tantei Club games (Famicom Detective Club) for the switch. For your information, FamiCom’s Detective Club is a radical version of the original games released in 1988 and 1989 on Famicom for the Japanese region.

The game has never previously been released outside of Japan and the remake version that will be released will be the first English version and released outside of Japan.

5. Void Terrarium Plus

Void Terrarium Plus

After the first release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, the Void Terarium Plus game will also be released for the PS5 soon. This RPG game tells the story of the adventure of a girl named Toriko. He became the only human left in the polluted world.

Players will also meet the repair robot who is Toriko’s friend. Because Toriko can survive in a polluted world, players will act as a helper robot and also restore environmental boundaries.

6. Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil Village Set in Countryside and Castle

Resident Evil Village (Re Village) is one of the most awaited 2021 release games from horror game lovers. This game will be a direct sequel to the game Resident Evil 7: biohazard (Re 7) which was released in 2017.

Like its predecessor, Resident Evil Village brings the genre of survival horror played from a first perspective (FPP) perspective.

7. Knockout City

Knockout City

Knockout City is a dodgeball-themed game that will be released by EA soon. This game has more or less the same rules as Dodgeball in the real world where you have to count members of the enemy team with the ball you throw while dodging and catching the ball thrown by the enemy.

Interestingly, this game also offers various balls that have special effects such as exploding balls. Not only that, it turns out that you can also turn into the ball itself. In the form of a ball, your teammates can throw you at your enemies and you can also use special attacks.

Those are the top games that will be released in May 2021. Don’t miss it for gamers because it is very interesting to play.

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