Top New PC Games Of 2021

Now we have entered the new year, which is 2021. Of course there are a lot of hopes and things that we want to see in 2021. Immediately end and return to normal life.

For me as a gamer, of course what I want to see the most are some good games that don’t disappoint. As it must be recognized, in 2020 there are quite a number of games based on expectations even though many have exceeded ours too.

Top New PC Games Of 2021

1. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

This new Battle Royale game is available for PC. But EA as Apex Legends Publisher ensures that this game will soon penetrate the mobile and Nintendo Switch platforms in 2021.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson A few months ago said the development of the mobile version of APEX Legends will be completed in the new year and ready to launch in fiscal 2022. This means that the game could be released after March 2021, when EA starts fiscal 2022.

2. Fortnite


ust like the legend of Gama Apex, Game Fortnite may not have too many players in Indonesia. Even so, the community of Fortnite Game players in various parts of the world is extraordinary. Due to its popularity, gamers who have never played Fortnite though should be familiar with the name and appearance of this game.

As a Fortnite Game developer, Epic Games also always brings new weapons, traps, tools and skins for the game. The number of Fortnite Game competitions with attractive prizes also makes this game not only in the list of the best online PC games 2021 but also the list of the most competitive gamers this year.

3. Rocket League

Rocket League

At the start of his appearance, the idea of playing soccer using a race car, which is the concept of a rocket league game, sounded very strange. In fact, when the Rocket League released the game it received a very good reception.

Well, this game is able to combine soccer and racing game exclusions in one game title. So exciting, even gamers who are not fans of racing and soccer games want to play this game. Although originally released for PC, Rocket League can also be played on various game consoles with cross-platform capabilities.

4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-min

It seems impossible to make a list of the best 2021 PC online games without including the name of pub games. Released in 2017, this game immediately became a phenomenon in the gaming world. Bringing the Battle Royale Genre with a realistic look makes this game dream of many people.

In the past, the high price tag of this game made some Indonesian gamers think twice before playing this game. But now the reason for the price can no longer prevent you from playing pubg because this game comes in a pub lite version which can be played for free.

5. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG game that is quite old than its peers. Until now, the games made by Blizzard Entertainment are still busy. Even after getting the Shadowlands update, this game has again received a lot of new players who want to try.

Unlike wow a dozen years ago, WOW is now undergoing a very significant change. One of them is better graphic quality. So make sure the PC you have can run this game.

6. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2-min

Another Ubisoft game that you can try is the Tom Clancy 2 division.The game released in February 2019 has better graphics and features than its predecessor.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 third-person shooter genre in Washington DC. Those of you who are used to playing the Clancy team series will not be disappointed because this game has cool gameplay.

7. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy Franchise, of course you will not miss playing Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG Game online. Yup, the games made by Square Enix are quite interesting for online games that you can play in 2021. Don’t worry if you just joined to play Final Fantasy XIV online, because Square Enix has been designed in such a way that this game is very friendly for new players.

8. Valheim


For those of you fans of survival games in the Viking era you should try the Valheim game. Only a few days of being released but having received an overwhelming response from the Steam community, this game will be the best survival game of the year.

Valheim combines the Sandbox and Survival genres. You can make weapons, food, buildings by buildings by making use of the resources you have collected, and make use of the things around you to help you survive.

9. Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn

First there is Far Cry New Dawn, this game was released in February by Ubisoft. This game is a spin-off of far cry 5.

So Far Cry New Dawn is a free FPS PC game that is 20 years old after Far Cry 5. You will build a ruined city and carry out all sorts of interesting rights including fighting enemies.

10. Anthem


Furthermore, there is the National Anthem, multiplayer action role playing game, Bioware and published in February 2019. The game is in an open world RPG where you can explore the Solo map and together with other players.

Anthem can be played for PC, PS4, and Xbox platforms. Interested in playing this exciting role playing game.

11. Devil May Cry 5

The best and interesting PC game is Devil May Cry 5 developed by Capcom. The game that was released in March 2019 has the Action Adventure genre.

You will act as Dante and enjoy the exciting action of the main character overlooking the enemy blocking Devil May Cry 5 has the quality of graphics and gameplay that will burn the house to play.

12. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake is the result of a remake of the original game 20 years ago and is reaping fans all over the world. Games made by Capcom will make you nostalgic with higher quality graphics.

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Those are the top PC games in 2021 that you must play to become a winner

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